Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and basic information. For further details feel free to give us a call at (225) 761-2144.

What are your storage rates?

Our storage rates can be viewed on our Rate Sheet. We also charge an admin fee of $15.

What is your contract length?

Our contracts are for a minimum of 1 month. Rent is due on 1st of each month, NOT the anniversary date of the contract signing.

What are your hours?

  • Bluebonnet

    Office Hours: 8am-6pm daily
    Access Hours: 7am-9pm daily
  • Perkins

    Office Hours: 8am-6pm Mon-Sat & 12:30pm-5pm Sun Access Hours: 8am-6pm Mon-Sat & 12:30pm-5pm Sun
  • Mancuso

    Office Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Sat & 10am-3pm Sun
    Access Hours: 7am-9pm daily

Do you offer insurance for my property?

Your property is NOT insured by ClimaStor. Insurance is available to purchase through StorSmart Insurance.

How secure are your facilities?

ClimaStor is crime-free to date after 20 years in business!

  • Bluebonnet & Mancuso

    Each unit is individually alarmed. Your personal access code disarms your personal unit.
  • Perkins

    Access to the facility is only available during office hours, so no one is ever in the building unsupervised.